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Used BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe 2012-2019 review

A car designed for grand touring requires a big boot for luggage, comfortable seats, a quiet cabin and a large fuel tank for shrugging off the miles without time-consuming pit stops. Thankfully, the BMW 6 Series ticks all of those boxes and more besides.

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BMW 2015 F30 330d/335d X Drive Review

The first F30 330d M Sport arrived in early 2012. With a 3-litre single-turbo straight-six pushing out 245bhp and a gutsy 413lb ft of torque, it wasn’t afraid to stretch its legs. A 0-62mph dash is dealt with in 5.6 seconds while a sustained motorway cruise can return an impressive 50mpg. the 330d has been joined by the even more potent 335d derivative in the E90 and F30 3-series – it’s the F30 versions we’re focusing on here. 

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Audi TTS 2017 Review

The 2017 Audi TT, in the second year of its third generation, is a sophisticated all-wheel-drive sports car with the right stance, styling and handling that's quick and nimble when it needs to be, and relaxed at the right time.

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